1. The Home
    Home is where you make it. This spider makes a comfy home inside a boot.. but how long will it last
  2. one funny day
    Clay animation exercise
  3. Fortune
    Is it you lucky day?
  4. Sax dream
    3D experiment
  5. Visual score
    After Effects experiment
  6. the third lift
    Projection for PAMS Summit, Singapore (apr 2016), collaboration between composers, musicians and animators
  7. My beautiful lady
    Puppet animation
  8. White Nights
    inspired by my motherland
  9. Trypophobia
    1 sec animation
  10. introduce your self
    exploring my background through animation and poet Anna Akhmatova
  11. in the space
    experimenting with Maya
  12. Morning exercises
    Character design
  13. Aqualife
    The Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2015, Melbourne
  14. UP!
    Flip book
  15. The dark side of the moon
    My first animation EVER