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new character design

new character design

Thursday, May 18, 2017



new character design


  1. to be or not to be
    21 Aug, 2017
    to be or not to be
    When you going to your bathroom and not sure what to choose - test or tampons
  2. where!
    18 Aug, 2017 where!
    This one is about a frustration - when you want to get pregnant, everything looks pregnant
  3. Just 300 hours for my animation film 0_o
    13 Jul, 2017
    Just 300 hours for my animation film 0_o
    At least I know the numbers =)
  4. Draft animation
    03 Jul, 2017
    Draft animation
    Very exited about the film =)
  5. printed storyboard
    27 Apr, 2017
    printed storyboard
    check for the overall look
  6. The idea
    28 Feb, 2017
    The idea
    I had few ideas for my final film and finally choose the one. For that one I saved all small ideas on the paper or in the phone and now I will put everything in one file